Canicross Anglesey Race Rules

The competitor shall not hold the organiser responsible for any claim, based on any action or non-
action by the competitor, their dogs, or others acting on their behalf. The competitor shall also
release the organiser from any claim resulting from injury to the competitor, their dogs, or
Competitors must attend the briefing held prior to the start of races. If a competitor is delayed due
to unforeseen circumstances, they are responsible for obtaining a briefing from officials prior to the
start of the competition.
Abusive, threatening or foul language must never be used towards another competitor.
Entry transfer is not permitted after the closing date. Race numbers must not be swapped with
another competitor.
For 2 dog teams necklines are permitted. Dogs must not be more than 1metre apart.
If you have had a positive covid test and not tested negative since then do not attend the race.

Competitor Responsibilities
To help ensure the continued acceptance of the sport and the availability of trails that will accommodate
Always pick up after your dog - carry poo bags with you at all times.
Leave the trail in a good condition.
Keep your dog (s) under control and on a line or lead at all times.
No physical or verbal abuse of your dog is allowed.
Give yourself, your dogs and other competitors space on the startline.
When overtaking other runners on narrow trails, call before overtaking. If being overtaken, keep
your dog close. When passing other runners, each party should ensure this is done safely, allowing
plenty of space for each runner and ensuring dogs do not become tangled. See section on
Dogs should be attached to the runner at all times except in cases of danger to dog or runner.
Runners should remain alongside or behind their dog at any stage except in cases of danger.
The swapping of dogs during a race is not allowed.
Runners must not pull, drag or force their dog to run.
Racing numbers must be worn on the front (of the competitor), and sponsors logos must be visible.
Animal cruelty, unsportsmanlike, aggressive, threatening, abusive or unacceptable behaviour are
not permitted. 
Competitors and their dogs must not interfere in any way with another competitor or dog.
All dogs entered for competition must be fit and healthy and a minimum of 1Year old on the day of
the event.
When we offer a 5km and 10km race on the same day dogs must not race in both distances. They can
run a single Long course (5km or 10km) and the short course (2.5km) on the same day.
Dogs that have undergone any surgical procedure within 4 weeks prior to the event may only start
the event at the approval of the official event vet.
Race officials and/or Race director can request a vet check prior to the race start.  The decision of
the vet is final.
Reactive dogs are welcome at Canicross Anglesey events. Muzzles may be used and must allow the
dog to breath freely. Greyhound racing style muzzles are the recommended type. It is also
recommended that the runner wears a yellow marker on their back.

It is recommended that dogs wear recognised canicross harnesses; if you do use a lead and collar then the
collar must be a flat fixed diameter collar.

The following items are NOT allowed:
Studded boots (human)
Choke chains or any collar that constricts your dog’s throat
Muzzles that do not allow the dogs to breath freely  (lurcher/greyhound muzzles are acceptable)
Flexi leads
Running lines or leads over 2m in length.
Control of your dog is required at all times.  
All competitors must be able to handle their own dog without assistance from the point at which
they join the queue at the start to the point that they leave the finish area. 
Canicrossers that are running two dogs are permitted a handler on the start. 
Handler exceptions can be made to this rule, by prior arrangement with the race director.

Race Start and Finish
It is the responsibility of competitors to be on the start line ready to start at their given time.
If a competitor misses their start time they must seek approval of the race director before starting.
The competitor will be issued with a new start time. You must not start before the new start time
however your race time will still be calculated by your original start time.
Once a competitor crosses the finish line they must keep moving until they are clear of the line.
They must ensure that when they do stop that their dog is clear of any other dog. Their dog must
remain under their control.
Once a dog has left the finish area it must not be taken back into the finish area.
If one competitor is travelling more quickly and wishes to pass the competitor in front of them they
will clearly shout out “Passing on your…” then indicate which side they wish to pass, either left or
The competitor being passed will move to the farthest point of the course to allow the faster
competitor to pass them, for example if a person behind you calls “passing on your left” then you
should move as far to the right as possible to allow the faster competitor to pass.
Where the course is too narrow to pass the slower competitor should find the first available point
to allow the faster competitor to pass, even if this means that the slower competitor needs to stop
to allow a faster competitor to pass safely.
Competitors found to be wilfully blocking a faster competitor will be disqualified.
Where a faster competitor is attempting to pass a reactive dog they will stay behind until the
competitor with the reactive dog informs them that it is safe to pass by raising their hand on the
side the faster competitor should pass.

Bitches in season
If you have a bitch in season, please alert us and we will accommodate you with a separate start
(after the other competitors).  
At the event location keep well away from other dogs on-site and the start/finish area.
Do not walk the bitch in season on the race route prior to the race.

Cubs/Minicubs and Juniors
All cubs and minicubs must be accompanied by an adult around the course, and the adult must be in
sight of the cub/minicub at all times during the race.
Juniors may be accompanied by an adult if they wish. 
The accompanying adult must not be in front of the dog.
Accompanying adults can be attached to the dog.  This is recommended for minicubs.
Accompanying adults are participating for safety reasons and should put no undue pressure on the
young runner.
Accompanying adults may run with a dog so long as both the adult and the dog attached to the adult
is behind the competitor and must not impede any other competitor or accompanying adult.
Any runner under the age of 18 is legally considered a minor and may be accompanied by an adult.

Race Etiquette
Always stop to help an injured runner or runner in need of help.
Be mindful of other dogs at all times and give them space.
Be polite to all other competitors at all times.
Keep your dog under control at all times
Listen for other runners approaching from behind
Always let faster runners pass, don’t be tempted to re-pass them if your dog ‘picks up’ and wants to
be in front. You will get a good pull from behind.
When overtaking call out to the runner in front advising them which side you want to pass on.
Check for individual organisations rules.
If your dog has been unwell then consider if it should be running or not. If your vet advises against
exercise always allow more time for them to recover than you have been advised. If your dog has
Kennel Cough do not take it to the race!
If you are involved in an incident never get drawn into an argument someone may say something
they later regret. If you can’t sort the incident out between yourselves in a amicable way then see
the race steward.
Terms and Conditions

Any data gathered through the entry process will only be used for the race you have entered. In the event
of Canicross Anglesey using an external timing company you agree to the necessary info to be passed to the
timing company and it is only to be used for the event timing.
Entry fee must be paid in full before your entry is accepted.
Canicross Anglesey reserve the right to reject any race entry.
The use of drones at Canicross Anglesey events is prohibited.
By entering you agree not to camp overnight at Newborough Forest.